Plus Choe Minus Choe  ( -583, 64, -215 )

Named after Andrew Choe, one of many plus or minus tanks inside Cobblestone Castle

Old House  ( 000, 00, 000 )

A Beautiful House with Indoor Garden.

Welcome to the Web Site for the 

Minecraft Realm, KoKoMo2.

Here you will find the latest news about the realm and learn about our 

​history and culture.

Salmon Tank ( 000, 00, 000 )

The first tank and stars of Fishcrafter Live.  The most celebrated fish stars in the realm.

The Fish of KoKoMo2 appear on Fishcrafter Live a Minecraft Fish show live streaming on

​Viewers can name fish and play games to win points for Minecraft Fish.  Here are the featured tanks and fish.

Main House  ( -673, 65, -227 )

Located by the castle and the (unamed) river.


Builder and contributor too

Fishcrafter Live. 

Sam ( Cod )

Named by: Whassup2322

Beach House ( 515, 65, -23 )

Near the Community House and Uncle Ben's Pond located by the ocean shore.

Dave's Pool ( -555, 62, -216 )

Named after Dave Bonawits aka Snowboard Guy who would setup cameras and note points for CoinQuest on Fishcenter Live

Points of Interest

Bobbiana Grande

Expert builder with many properties on continent of Finland. 

Matt's Pond ( 376, 63, -106 )

Named after Matt Harrigan creator and moderator

of Fishcenter Live.

Members of KoKoMo2

Uncle Ben's Pond ( 439, 65, -24 )

The oldest pond built on KoKoMo2

Town of Cityville

( 000, 00, 000 )

Ben ( Large Salmon )

Named by: indie_grace

Villages in KoKoKoMo 2

 ( 9, 115, 7 ) Mountain Base

Located at the first world spawn connected to the beach house by an air minecart rail-line.


2023 Members of the Realm:

Please submit one fish for your Rent in the Tank outside the Cobblestone Castle.

Realm Rules click here.